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Things To Avoid While Betting

String raise: It may look dramatic but it is not something that is accepted on a poker table. If you intend to raise a bet, you need to call raise, you cannot say, I call your bet and while stretching the sentence say and raise you another xxx amount. This is considered as unfair tactics and in most casinos it you try this approach you would be called for string betting and only the call amount would be accepted. If you intend to raise you need to say it upfront.

Splashing: Avoid splashing your chips on the table where there is a possibility of them getting mixed with the main bet. Try and place the chips you intend to play in a neat pile and push it gently forward and let the dealer pull them in.

Handling your cards: If you have folded your cards do not attempt to take them back once you have discarded them to the main pile; even if it is at the end of the game.

Act in turn: Do not bet call raise or fold unless it is your turn. As any action you take out of turn may actually give an undue advantage to one or more players.


Discussing a hand with others even if you may have folded may provide information to existing player and may give an undue advantage to some so avoid discussing the hand while it is still in play

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