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I t probably all started this way: Maximus the Murderous stood on yonder high hill holding his golden shield and eyeing the village down the slope in the valley, known as the Meadows. He haughtily looked at the sniveling leprotic slave who was bowing and scraping before him. “Spin my shield, oh stinking, slovenly, unpleasant, leprous one, so that I mighteth understandeth the will of the supreme gods.

Can Roulette Be Beaten?

Back when, yes. Now, probably not. When roulette wheels were strictly mechanical devices whose performances were not analyzed very often, biased wheels—that is, wheels that caused certain numbers to come up more than probability indicates—existed, and really smart players could get substantial edges at such wheels. Such biased wheels had deep pockets, so once the ball was settling in, it settled in quickly.

The Game

There are two types of roulette wheels—the “American wheel,” which was developed in Europe, and the “European wheel,” which was developed in America. No, I didn’t screw up the above sentence. What they use in Europe, America invented; and what is used in America, Europe invented. Such is the way of the world.

The Wheel Isn’t What You Think

One, two, three, four, fi ve, six, seven, eight…sorry, that’s not how it goes on a roulette wheel. Take a look at the American Double-Zero Wheel, and you’ll note that no numbers run in normal strings; now take a look at the betting layout, and all the numbers run in their correct strings. Huh? What’s going on here?


Through the generations, roulette proprietors worried about players discovering biased numbers and sections of the wheel and then playing them. Many roulette players really enjoy playing groups of numbers, and many players actually think the group of numbers they are playing are on the wheel as they are on the layout…you know—one, two, three, four, five, six, and so on The Modern Coffer of Information

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