Reasons Why You Should Buy a Drop Safe for Your Business

As a small business owner, running a busy retail establishment requires that you have a place to safely stow away extra cash to keep it safe from theft. Many business owners have installed money safes at the cashier’s station or anywhere else in the company office.

What is a deposit safe?

Deposit safes, money safes, or commercial drop safes are simply a type of security safe installed in business establishments and are used for safeguarding cash and any other valuable documents from thieves and burglars.

This is one of the most effective security measures that you can take as a business owner. They are an excellent addition to CCTV cameras since they are ineffective against theft. Having the cameras is undoubtedly essential, but they can only be used as evidence that theft occurred; they can’t stop the actual robbery.

How do money safes work?

Deposit safes are designed to allow employees to deposit cash without the need for authorized access such as a key or code. The employees are unable to access the contents of the safe, but they can easily put the cash inside the safe through an opening.

Having a money safe minimizes the amount of cash that would otherwise be stored in drawers and tills. Additionally, it helps keep large amounts of money out of sight, which helps to prevent both internal and external theft.

Types of commercial deposit safes

Commercial deposit safes come in a wide variety of types, models, and sizes. Ideally, your needs should determine the best type of deposit safe for your business. Below is a list of some of the commercial deposit safes you can choose from:

Under counter drop safes

These safes are placed under the counter or the cash register, keeping them hidden from direct view. These are the most discreet type of drop safe available. They are also very convenient since they provide the greatest ease of depositing cash. These cash drop safes are ideal for businesses such as supermarkets, retail stores, and banks.

Time delay drop safes

Time delay deposit safes are designed to open several minutes after entering the access code. This is a great tactic because thieves are usually in a hurry and will likely be frustrated with the time it takes for the safe to open.

This waiting period gives the staff an opportunity to contact the authorities, who can then catch the criminals in the act.

Digital drop safes

Digital drop safes are a great alternative to the traditional lock and key safes since keys often get misplaced or stolen. With this type of safe, the contents inside are protected by a digital keypad. To open the safe, the employees must enter a code.

Benefits of purchasing a commercial drop safe


It goes without saying that the number one reason why you should have a commercial drop safe is to increase security. Cash registers and drawers are highly unsafe and prone to break-ins. In most cases, robbers barge in and demand the employees to give them all the cash.

Drop safes are a great deterrent against theft. They keep the contents safe until they can be transferred somewhere else, most likely the bank. Since no one on the premises has access to the safe, there would be no way to access the safe’s contents even if thieves were to come.

Lower insurance premiums

Deposit safes are a very smart investment for your business. They not only help you save money by preventing thefts, but they also lower your premiums. By installing a commercial deposit safe, you’re showing that you have taken all the necessary steps to safeguard your assets. This helps to reduce the insurance premiums you’ll have to pay and also supports your claim in the event of an incident.

Prevention of employee theft

Employee theft is a widespread occurrence in business establishments. It is easy for employees to steal from cash registers and tills because they have full access at all times. Deposit safes restrict employee access to the cash reserves, which prevents theft. By storing large amounts of cash away from sight, they also remove the temptation to steal.

Peace of mind

Installing a deposit safe will give you peace of mind since you’re assured that all your cash and other valuables are securely stored away, and no one has access to them. Constant worry about your valuables’ safety will take up your time and affect your productivity. Installing a deposit safe will reassure you and free up your mind to focus on more important tasks.

Final Thoughts

You should consider buying a drop safe as an investment and not an expense. The amount of money you’ll save by installing a deposit safe is far greater than the amount you’ll spend on installing it. Aside from the initial payment you make for the safe, you should budget for a few routine maintenance checks.

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