Pass Line/Don ’t Pass and “Free Odds ” (The Main Game)

Bet The game of craps is based primarily around the pass line wager. It is estimated that a full 90% of all players play the pass line, yet it is rare to find a player either skillful, knowledgeable, or disciplined enough to consistently make this bet yield maximum returns over time. I have played next to literally thousands of pass line players. So many times, at the same table, betting on the same rolls of the dice, I’ve walked away a winner while they broke even or lost their bankroll. This is usually a function of these players not maximizing their returns, or throwing their winnings away on silly and disadvantaged bets.

As mentioned earlier, the free odds wager is the most advantageous bet, not only at the craps table but also in the whole casino. This is so because it is the only bet available to the players where the house has no advantage. The free odds bets should be made 100% of the time when available and is the key to really big wins.

The free odds bet is available when a player makes a line bet, either pass line or don’t pass, after the point has been established. (We’ll cover don’t pass betting in the next section). After a point is established the pass line bettor is allowed to make a bet of equal size to a free odds bet. To do this the player takes chips of equal denomination to the original bet and places them about two inches away from the bet nearer to himself or “behind the line.” This is called a single odds game.


The game is played primarily around the line bets—pass and don’t pass. Each bet gives the house approximately a 1.4% advantage. Line bets can be backed up with a free odds wager that affords the house no advantage. The come bet and the don’t come bet are played identically to how the line bets are played with the only difference being that they are made after the come out roll, in effect establishing a players own “private” point. Players can make as many come and don’t come bets as they like and all these bets can be backed with free odds in the same way as the line bets. is one of the best website where you find out latest news also click here for more information. You can visit here to know more and if you want to get various types of news then check out this site

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