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Legal Stealing or Real Theft?

I asked members of my private website,, to comment on the various moral scenarios in which one can be during casino play. I’ll give you the basic types of incidents, the law, and what board members had to say. (The laws might not apply to every state. These are based on Nevada.)

After about a year of watching this and receiving all sorts of free monthly show tickets, free golf offers, and discounts for weddings and the like, I fi nally asked someone at the casino player’s [club] about it. They said I had had the points for more than a year and that I had been receiving offers and all the benefi ts for having the points on the card. I was basically told that these are my points and had been such for a while

I’m still leery about it, though, and the points are still on the card.” Steven C.: “First time we visited Lake Tahoe we took a van from Reno to the Cal Neva resort. I was watching the bags while the ex-wife went in search of a phone to call her parents at their condo to let them know we were there, so they could pick us up.

As it happened, there were several banks of slots right there, and I thought, Why not? Unfortunately, I only had a couple quarters in my pocket, and this was before you could stuff paper in the slots. “I remember putting the fi rst quarter in a machine, pulling, and nothing. Then on the second pull, with no fanfare, bells, or whistles, the machine emptied its little bowels right into the tray.

Naturally, I was excited about the win. My ex, who had returned and was playing a machine opposite me, asked what I had won. Scanning the tumblers, the answer was…nothing. There were no winning combinations showing, and I had won nothing.


Nobody from the casino responded, and my ex was asking what we should do. Well, I did some quick ‘constipating’ [sic] and came up with my Jimmy the Greek theory. I grabbed several buckets and started filling them. It wasn’t until they were full and I started putting the remainder in her purse that the ex-thought to ask what I was doing.

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