How To Help Kids Focus & Concentrate Better To Improve Learning?

Do you want to improve your child’s focus and concentration to help them be better learners and thinkers? If so, then get ready to read this article to get the best and simple tips to help your kids increase their focus and concentration. 

Some children are naturally good at focusing and grasping new things, whereas others are slow and lack focus. Many parents are concerned because the focus is required for success in academics, sports, and other activities. Focus is like a muscle that, when stretched and worked on, can improve in children. Focus is a prerequisite to mastering anything in life-related to academics, extracurricular activities, sports, or anything else in life. Even watching a movie or listening to a story requires a child to concentrate and focus on understanding, analyzing, and thinking. 

Moreover, if you want your kids to get good grades in any subject, then you need to engage them with various techniques and ways to improve their focus and concentration. 

Ways To Improve Focus & Concentration

1. Let Kids Focus On A Single Task

You can allow them to finish a single task in a reasonable amount of time. You can enlist the assistance of your children in the kitchen or the garden. Give them the task of peeling green peas and storing them separately, or ask them to assist in cleaning or folding clothes. You can ask them to arrange the plates on the dining table, arrange their toys in their place, feed the pet, and more. Always ask them before assigning a task and never force them to do something. Moreover, always give them age-appropriate tasks which they can complete while putting in the effort. 

2. Let Them Play With Games

One of the games kids can play to improve their focus and concentration are building blocks, solving puzzles, getting chess classes, learning Rubik’s cube, and more. All these games are super fun and full of learning. These games require immense mental effort, focus, and concentration to solve. Such games also encourage kids to boost their confidence, discipline, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, it also improves a child’s decision-making skills because while playing a child thinks a lot before a move, adjusting a block, or twisting a Rubik’s cube. So, it’s a great option to engage kids in games that will help them improve their focus and concentration. 

3. Make Them Listen to Stories

You can use 21st century technology like Alexa, bluetooth speakers, YouTube, or storytelling classes to make them listen to their favorite stories. Furthermore, enrolling your children in online storytelling classes where they can interact with a storyteller, remain active, ask questions, and receive answers is preferable. Listening to stories, rhymes, or songs helps children focus and concentrate because they become immersed in the characters and visuals. As a result, it keeps them mentally engaged to find out what happens next in the story. Engaging children in storytelling classes can be one of the best ways for them to improve their focus while also learning about various life skills such as honesty, respect, empathy, and others.

4. Set A Separate Space For Studying

When children have their study area, they are more likely to concentrate on their studies. It is natural for children to doze off or become easily distracted while doing homework or learning something new because children are drawn to television noises or if they see their toys lying nearby. As a result, it is beneficial to have a designated area where children can work without distractions. This can assist children in increasing their productivity in a shorter period. Having a separate study area allows children to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the constant noise and distractions of their homes. It can assist children in remaining organized and focused on their work.

5. Let Kids Take Breaks

The benefits of taking regular breaks have been proven time and time again. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, taking regular breaks helps to increase focus, productivity, and overall satisfaction with work. This is thanks to the fact that breaks allow your brain to “switch off” and relax, which allows you to come back to work with renewed energy. There are a few ways that you can help your child take advantage of break time. First, make sure that your child has a designated break time. This can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on their age and how quickly they can switch gears. They can have snacks, play with a toy, opportunity to play their favorite game, and more.

6. Break Tasks Into Chunks

When children are working, it is easy to become engrossed in the details. However, if they spend hours on a single task, it can distract them. Children begin to focus on how much work remains to be done rather than completing it. So, to help them improve their focus and concentration, divide their daily tasks into smaller chunks and sets. If you tell a child that there is only one page to learn, he or she will be relieved; however, if you tell them that they have two chapters to complete, they will become overwhelmed and distracted.

Take Away

Lastly, it’s important to find out what works best for your child. What methods of focus do they find easiest and most effective? What distractions do they struggle with the most? Once you have a good understanding of their tendencies, you can start to help them develop focus through specific strategies and techniques. Do use these tips and see if it’s helping your child. Moreover, if you’re looking for online chess classes, online storytelling classes, online Rubik’s cube classes, or online yoga classes, visit PiggyRide. You can find a wide range of skill-based online classes and courses according to your child’s preference, age, and skill. You can also download the PiggyRide app and check out their amazing classes. 

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