Good news! Patients who received cannabis oil showed improvement in all disease groups.

On September 26, Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital Report of treatment with cannabis extract medical marijuana clinic that from operating a medical cannabis clinic of Abhaibhubejhr Hospital Which is open for business once a month, every 4th Monday of the month, from the operation from June 24, 2019, until the latest September 23, 2019, a total of 4 times, a total of 137 cbd öl extract drugs have been dispensed Bottles are 85 bottles of CBD, 52 bottles of THC.

Currently, 66 patients can follow up on cannabis use, including 27 with CBD, 21 for Parkinson’s disease, 4 for epilepsy, 1 for Alzheimer’s, and 1 for spasm. Patients who already use CBD drugs, if more exposure, will be publicized through the media again. Among the 39 patients in the THC group, 27 were end-stage cancer, nine neuropathic pain, one tumor, 1 Parkinson’s and epilepsy, and 1 Alzheimer’s.

However, all of the patients who received marijuana had diseases that were assessed by the medical team as not responding to standard drug therapy or in the final stage of cancer Must be evaluated by the palliative care team When standard symptom relief medications, such as morphine pain relievers, sleeping pills, and appetite suppressants Still unable to relieve symptoms and to use cbd öl as an alternative to increasing the quality of life It is not used as a first-line drug.

For the follow-up outcomes for CBD patients in Parkinson’s patients, 64%, unchanged 28%, worse 8% among epilepsy patients. Convulsions decreased in 4 cases, more than five seizures per month, two months without seizures, four seizures per week, one month without seizures, 2-3 times a day, one month without seizures. , usually working hard will have seizures, taking the drug, no seizures when working hard and,1 case external seizures do not appear, but feel that using CBD can feel better.

While one patient with Alzheimer’s disease was significantly better, from wheelchair now walk usually This case started using marijuana early. After one week of forgetfulness, I can’t remember my child—mild brain atrophy. Use CBD pills and talk to each other. Improved memory. I can do housework. I can’t do house cleaning—no more undressing at night. Began to improve after using the drug for one month, and one patient overall clinical symptoms improved, sleep improved, mood decreased, irritability, no disturbance.

The report stated that the follow-up results for patients receiving THC in the neuropathic pain group had an 83% improvement in pain score, 17% unchanged. Most of them saw results in terms of better sleep. Increased appetite The pain was slightly reduced. Most of the co-administration morphine doses were increased. (because morphine is more effective at relieving pain than marijuana, morphine can reduce breathlessness in late-stage patients.)

“Quality of life scores for all patients taking marijuana. EQ-5D-5L score improved 78%, unchanged 15%, worse 7%. However, from the adverse reaction assessment from CBD drugs, dry mouth, dry mouth, insomnia, weakness, jaundice, drowsiness, 1 case was valued. Liver slightly increased from the original and 1 case, the kidney value decreased, which will be followed up. Because there have been 2 patients who use CBD drugs and the kidney function has decreased. After 1 month of follow-up, it was found that it returned as good as before. From THC, dry mouth, dry throat, and dizziness were found in 1 case, accidentally dripping too much medication over the first night. I had insomnia all night,” the report states.

For patients interested in receiving treatment with medical cbd öl extracts, there are currently 26 hospitals that are open for treatment, 13 of which are current plans. Must go through a screening call before traveling with pharmacists trained in the use of medicinal cannabis extracts at the Evidence Center for Thai Traditional Medicine and Herbs at 037-211289 on official days and times The Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital plans to open twice a month, starting on the second Monday of the week in November.

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