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If you like hot girls, and you love the power of fantasy, you must be registered to see the hidden pages of F95 Zone. The story begins in a small town called Xenonville, where the director has opened a new porn club. The townspeople are so impressed with the new club that they invite every cute looking girl they can find to be their member. Unfortunately, the director only accepts the prettiest girls, so each girl must find her own way to impress the director and get her place at the newly formed adult video club.

The story revolves around two main characters, a shy but outgoing red head and a bubbly blonde who is desperately shy. They must team up to beat the harem, which consists of the school’s hottest girl, Xenon (Ruth Grosch) and her two friends. While they are trying to impress the girls, they also have to deal with the perverted king of the city, Maxim (Philip Seymour Hoffman). You must be registered to see the links to his video gallery if you wish to watch the video(s).

When you are watching the video(s), you will hear the local gossip mill talking about how mean the other women at the harem are. The girls tease the new girl all the time, and everyone assumes that they are having too much sex. This only fuels the fire, and before you know it, they start teasing the director as well. Meanwhile, Xenon gets herself into trouble by sleeping with one of the other women, and the director does everything in his power to stop the pair from doing drugs.

Once you are done watching, the F 95 Zone video will take you inside the apartment and show you the inside of the building. You will see the apartment managers and the owner. You will also learn how these people interact with each other. In the end, you will see how the director coaxes the two girls to do drugs, and you will learn how a pervert king can drive a girl wild even if she is married.

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