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Dice Control

I opened my chapter “Card Counting at Blackjack” with this simple sentence: Blackjack can be beaten. I now add to that the following: Craps can be beaten. For years craps was considered an unassailable game, falling into the independent trial mode, which meant that what happened in the past had no effect on what would happen in the future. The numbers and probabilities were set in stone.

The Basis and Basics of Dice Control

The two main ideas behind dice control concern limiting the appearance of the 7, thereby increasing the appearance of the other numbers. The second basis is to influence the dice in such a way that certain specific numbers (say, the 6 and 8) come up more than their normal probabilities indicate. The 7 might still come up more or less often, but the money will be made on the hitting of the specific numbers.

Setting the Pips Properly

In the game of craps, you will run across individuals—both casino personnel and players—who talk about “dice setting” and “dice sets.” This refers to those players who like to set the dice with certain pips in certain arrangements. Most craps players use some type of dice set, though almost all of them are not controlled shooters. For most players, setting the dice is a ritual, a style, and as such makes them feel good doing it.

Gripping the Dice Properly

The objective of a proper grip is to make sure that the dice leave your hand together. You don’t want one die lagging too much. We look to make as close to the perfect throw as possible—both dice together, spinning in exactly the same way. The grip is the key element in getting those dice to leave your fingers together. To have a chance at an excellent throw, your grip must be as close to perfect as possible.


Also, keep in mind that once those dice leave your hand, powerful forces are working to randomize them, so your edge will not be huge. But an edge is an edge, and it is better to play with an edge over the casino than to play when the casino has an edge over you.

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