Card Counting at Blackjack

There are many card-counting systems, ranging from the extremely difficult to learn and the overly complex to the traditional one-level systems that can still be a chore for most players to learn and play, going right up to the best and easiest system ever developed, known as Speed Count. If you are a basic-strategy player (which you better be after reading the last chapter), I recommend you try Speed Count if you wish to take the next step upward.

Introduction to Card Counting

There have been many misunderstood and downright wrong cardcounting concepts floated out to the general public by casinos and popular literature and fi lm, the foremost of which is that card counting is against the law. Not so. It is perfectly legal. There are no laws that state you must stop using your brain once you enter a casino.

Now, yes, while it does seem that many people do stop using their brains in the castles of Lady Luck, doing so is a matter of choice and not some mandate of the gods, nature, or the state legislatures, whose members are voted in by people who likewise seem to have forsaken their brains when voting.

The fact that card counting is legal does not mean that the casinos must like it or lump it. As private enterprises, casinos can tell a card counter he cannot play blackjack; they don’t even have to give the card counter a reason. However, they usually will give a reason, such as, “You are too good for us. We don’t want you playing blackjack here.


There is also the myth that card counting only works in single-deck or double-deck games and that four-, six-, and eight-deck games are immune to it. Again Rain Man pushed this false idea when a scene showed two security personnel in the control room saying (and I paraphrase), “He can’t be counting because no one can count into six decks.

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