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The lyrics of the song ‘BiharSong’ have caused a lot of controversy. Neha Kakkar’s original song has been used by the RJD, Congress, and Nitish government. The BJP has also adopted the song. The BJP version talks about development of Bihar and mentions investments in educational institutes and startups. But the Congress has also criticized the BJP’s lyrics, saying that they are meant to be political in nature.

Bihar has a rich musical tradition that dates back to the ancient times. Its folk songs reflect everyday life events, such as childbirth, marriage, paddy sowing and harvesting. Some songs are even immortalized. Listen to some of them now. You’ll be amazed at how popular they are. The best way to experience Bihar’s culture and heritage is through this music. You can listen to BiharSong.

A popular Bhojpuri song, ‘Bihar mein ee baa’, telesup has been used as a campaign song by the BJP and the JD(U) parties. The song’s duration is 2 minutes 35 seconds and is based on the popular Bhojpuri “Bihar mein ee baa” by the singer Neha Singh Rathore. The Bhojpuri song is a satirical look at the performance of the NDA government, declining law and order, and attitude towards migrant workers.

Despite the popularity of the band, BiharSong is being heard in regions outside of India. The nineteenth century saw many indentured labourers from Bihar being transported to Mauritius, South Africa, and the Caribbean. After the partition, many of the Muslims from Bihar migrated to Pakistan and Bangladesh. The great tradition of folk songs in the Bhojpur region was started by the legendary Bhikhari Thakur. Some of the Bhojpuri songs are Mahendar Misir, Dholak, and Bhajaniya.

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