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Bet Progression

By intelligently constructing your bet patterns you can effectively hold the casino’s advantage down to manageable levels. You can virtually meet the casino head-on, statistically speaking. However, the key to winning explosively while keeping risk exposure to reasonable minimums is bet progression. Any credible writer, gambler, or theorist will agree on this one vital rule: Never increase your bet size when losing—only when winning.

Refer back to Chapter 5 on understanding streaks, for it is through intelligent management of both winning and losing streaks that consistent and long term winning is possible. Chapter 5 demonstrates the damage that can be done if you raise your bets upon losses. But let’s turn this around. If serious damage can occur by increasing bet size when losing, doesn’t it following that explosive wins can occur if we were to systematically increase our bets upon wins?

As we’ll see, clearly this is the case. One quick caveat: the beginner player should stick with level betting sizes whether winning or losing before employing bet progression until he is very comfortable with live play. Practice progressions at home before attempting them in live play. Consider the following chart that depicts the effects on ones bankroll should a losing streak occur versus what will happen should a winning streak occur maintaining a level bet size.


Assume a $10 bet, taking double odds with points of only the 6 or 8. The bankroll (bankrolling will be discussed fully in the next chapter) to cover one number would be about $210. We will bet $10 and maintain a level bet size upon winning. We will denote this progression as lOpt-lOpt-lOpt. This means that every time the point repeats (wins) we maintain the same bet size on the following bet.

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