Are Silverado 1500 Wheel Spacers Safe

When it comes to Silverado 1500 wheel spacers, you’ll promptly discover that most people have already composed their minds and have definite opinions of them. On Google, YouTube, and auto forums, you will find two teams: those that declare wheel spacers are entirely secure when mounted properly and those that prompt others to avoid them like the afflict.

What Are Wheel Spacers

For most automobile lovers, spacers are the easiest way to obtain ideal fitment from their wheels and tires. Wheels often tend to be pushed inward (generally 5mm-30mm) for enhanced drag and gas effectiveness. It, however, needs to create a smooth and flushed appearance. Wheel spacers aim to boost the “space” between the wheel and the wheel center. It presses the wheels and also tires slightly outward.

Wheel spacers are additionally made use of for trucks as well as off-road vehicles. It is likewise done to raise the clearance and space between the wheel and wheel hub. It is valuable for off-road automobiles because larger off-road tires can be installed, directly influencing and improving efficiency, grip, and off-roading capacities.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe

Wheel spacers are secure to set up on your lorry if they are appropriately mounted. It entails acquiring high-quality spacers from reliable firms. The wheel spacer needs to be of suitable size and should be hub-centric. It implies that the wheel spacer will fit securely between the wheel and the hub. A torque wrench aims to torque the lug bolts to proper tension.

When wheel spacers fail, to some extent, it results from the top quality of the wheel spacers themselves. When mounting or acquiring spacers, ask if they are cast lightweight aluminum, forged lightweight aluminum, billet aluminum, steel, or titanium. If you are likely to mount wheel spacers thicker than 1 inch, we recommend setting up bolt-on kind wheel spacers. They bolt to the wheel center, and the wheels screw on the 1.5 inch hubcentric wheel spacers.


If effectively mounted, then there should be no longevity issues. Two usual problems individuals have are the lug nuts coming to stay loosened and, ultimately, the whole wheel coming off or the wheel studs flexing. The only explanation is that the lug nuts were not torqued effectively, and the car’s weight was put entirely on the loose wheel screw( s) and wheel stud( s). A wheel stud can not just be bent by tightening up or down a wheel spacer between the wheel and the wheel hub.

A typical mistaken belief about wheel spacers is their effect on carrying your wheel bearings. If properly installed, wheel spacers will certainly not create your wheel bearings to fail too soon or suddenly. As long as premium quality wheel spacers are used, and they are of suitable size for your automobile, there will certainly be no problems. The center burns out on your wheel hub and should match the corner bore upon the spacer.

Safety Measures

The lug nuts aim to torque to their call for tension. We advise you to obtain wheel spacers at a respectable wheel store such as KSP Performance. If you are mounting these in your home, we recommend using a torque wrench. As a safety measure, we advise you do a torque check every 25,000 miles, which will certainly capture any loose lug nuts or bolts.


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